Gaming Blockchain Oasys Teams up With Korean Game Developer Com2uS

Pioneering South Korean game developers are ready to launch second-layer solution XPLA Verse on the top of the Oasys proof-of-stake (PoS) platform.

Com2uS, Oasys partnership kicking off

Gaming-centric blockchain Oasys has announced a partnership with leading Korean game developer Com2uS, which is the entity behind dozens of top game titles. The two firms will work together on the hottest use cases in the GameFi segment and L1/L2 integration for on-chain games.

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Com2uS’ fully owned subsidiary XPLA will also be developing its native second-layer XPLA Verse as the first-ever expansion of Com2uS. 

Com2uS, the first game studio and publishing company to develop a mobile game in South Korea, has already been acting as an established validator on the Oasys blockchain.

Oasys’ head of business development and head of Korea, Dominic Jang, highlighted that his firm’s vision and values are well aligned with these of its new partner:

We are thrilled to welcome Com2uS and XPLA expanding into the Oasys ecosystem. The core value of Oasys comes from the vision that Oasys acts as a blockchain that offers the most relevant solutions for the game companies as the game-focused blockchain and we are also very confident our collaboration will lead to the kind of innovative gaming experiences that players richly deserve.

The new hybrid Oasys-based product is set to harness Oasys’ state-of-the-art infrastructure to offer enhanced gaming experiences to Web3 players in the most compliant way.

The Walking Dead: All Stars comes to Oasys with other AAA titles

Paul Kim, Team Lead of XPLA, added that Japanese market expansion is one of the core focuses for the new partnership:

In partnership with Oasys, XPLA will make a significant move into the world’s third largest gaming market, Japan. With plans to launch two major Web3 games based on globally recognised IPs within the first half of the year, we aim to capture the 55 million Japanese gamers community.

Besides tech integration and an L2 launch, per the partnership, Com2uS will also bring its premium IPs, including Summoners War: Chronicle and The Walking Dead: All Stars, to the Oasys network.

Both titles will be playable on XPLA Verse on the Oasys Blockchain, which is expected to make them accessible to a wider audience in various regions of the globe.

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2024-02-13 18:07