3 Best Performing Gaming Altcoins Today

As a researcher with a background in cryptocurrency and gaming, I find the current state of the gaming altcoin sector incredibly exciting. With a global market cap of around $22.8 billion and an impressive 18.6% increase in trading volume, this sector is drawing significant attention from investors. In particular, three altcoins have caught my eye: Floki Inu (FLOKI), BinaryX (BNX), and Myria (MYRIA).

As a researcher delving into the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies, I’ve noticed an intriguing surge in the gaming sector. With a global market capitalization of approximately $22.8 billion and a significant 18.6% uptick in trading volume, which now hovers around $2.3 billion, this segment is truly capturing the limelight. Several altcoins have piqued my interest due to their remarkable performances. In our exploration of this intriguing space, let’s examine three gaming altcoins that are currently generating buzz: Floki Inu (FLOKI), BinaryX (BNX), and Myria (MYRIA).

1. Floki (FLOKI)

The utility token of the Floki ecosystem, named FLOKI, has made significant strides recently. With a current price of $0.0002199, this altcoin has experienced a noteworthy daily surge of 10.75%. Moreover, over the past week, its value has seen a commendable rise of 30.49%.

With a market value of $2.1 billion, Floki Inu has impressive statistics, recording a trading volume of approximately $949.8 million over the last 24 hours.

As a researcher studying the Valhalla metaverse, I can tell you that FLOKI serves as the currency for transactions within the play-to-earn environment of this virtual world. In simpler terms, it’s the token we use to make purchases inside Flokiā€™s Play to Earn NFT Metaverse during our gaming experiences.

The Floki ecosystem encompasses a range of additional functionalities beyond its decentralized exchange. These incorporate a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform, an educational hub for cryptocurrencies, and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Originating as a humorous concept, this project has evolved into a multifaceted endeavor that caters to various applications, including gaming.

2. BinaryX (BNX)

BinaryX, or BNX for short, is making waves as a reliable option among gaming altcoins, currently priced at around $0.98. Over the past day, its value has risen by 7.07%, and there’s been a weekly growth of 4.59%. With a substantial market capitalization of over $357.7 million, BinaryX is cementing its role in the crypto sector.

Notably, the trading activity amounted to $42.8 million in the previous day, indicating robust investor participation.

BinaryX is a versatile platform specialized in Initial Game Offerings (IGOs) and blockchain gaming, bringing to life numerous games tailored for the Web3 community and the metaverse. Some of its notable creations include CyberChess, CyberDragon, and CyberLand.

The BNX token plays a role in various in-game exchanges and actions within these games. Its primary function is to optimize the economic structures of these games, aiming to create an engaging and satisfying player experience.

3. Myria (MYRIA)

Amidst the volatile cryptocurrency market, Myria token emerges as a shining example of consistency and advancement. Currently priced at $0.00565, Myria has demonstrated impressive gains with a 6.81% surge in the past day and a robust 8.13% rise over the last week.

Having a market value of $104.4 million, Myria presents a solid foundation for potential expansion in the future. The stock continues to draw interest from investors with a daily trading volume of approximately $1.65 million.

Myria’s ERC-20 utility token, MYRIA, functions on Myria’s Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution, offering the advantage of zero gas fees for transactions. This feature makes it an attractive choice for both gamers and developers. Myria offers a range of services including:

As a crypto investor, I would describe it this way: The token I hold not only improves my in-game experiences but also grants me additional perks within the Web3 gaming community. By investing in this token, I’m contributing to the expansion and success of the decentralized gaming ecosystem.

BinaryX and MYRIA showcase the implementation of gaming tokens for functionalities and incentives within their respective platforms.


I, as an analyst, find the gaming altcoin market to be a vibrant and promising landscape filled with investment opportunities. With Floki, BinaryX, and Myria demonstrating impressive growth, this sector is ripe for further exploration and investment. The rapid evolution and innovation within this industry serve as clear evidence of blockchain technology’s transformative power in gaming.

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2024-05-15 19:12