Bitcoin Consensus Rules Questioned by Ripple CTO

David Schwartz, Ripple‘s CTO, has brought up an intriguing perspective regarding the centralization of Bitcoin hash power. Contrary to common belief that the one with the most hash power controls the “Bitcoin” label, Schwartz provokes thought and poses a new question: Who holds the power to define what is widely recognized as Bitcoin? Schwartz, the … Read more

Coinbase Teases Potential Launch of Smart Wallet

Coinbase, a major player in the cryptocurrency exchange market, now offers a versatile and compatible “smart wallet” in beta testing. Designed to enhance user experience, this innovative wallet ensures both ease of use and top-notch security for platform members. In a recent post on their X platform, Coinbase highlighted some attractive benefits for their community … Read more

Chainlink Price Hints 20% Upswing Amid Key Resistance Breakout

After the Fourth Bitcoin Halving on Friday, there was a widespread rally in the cryptocurrency market as major coins saw significant gains. By Monday, Bitcoin had reached a new high of over $65,000, boosting the morale of investors in the altcoin sector. In this optimistic market situation, Chainlink’s price climbed from its support level of … Read more

Magic Eden Debuts Bitcoin Runes Platform Ahead of Schedule

Magic Eden, a major name in the NFT marketplace sector, unveils its newest offering: a Bitcoin Runes platform, slated for launch on April 23, 2024. A representative from the company announced an early release. Notable aspects of this update include the ability to send Bitcoins and purchase Runes and Ordinals straight from your Magic Eden … Read more

Best Crypto & Bitcoin Casinos in Slovenia

In simpler terms, the use of cryptocurrencies, which offer quick transactions and a decentralized system, is becoming more popular in the realm of online gambling. It’s challenging to obtain accurate information, but industry professionals believe there are approximately 3,000 crypto-based gambling platforms in existence globally. With so many Bitcoin casinos available, it can be overwhelming … Read more

Hong Kong’s Securities Association Tips Authorities On Crypto Self-Regulation

The HKSFPA proposes establishing an autonomous body to oversee crypto regulations, in addition to other recommendations. In an announcement on April 22, the regulatory authority suggested the need for self-regulation in the securities and futures sector, asset management, and cryptocurrencies. The statement emphasized that implementing crypto self-regulation would enhance the economic potential of the region … Read more

Is Peter Schiff Clueless About Bitcoin? BitMEX Spars Over Fee Spike

The Bitcoin halving, which occurred recently and aims to decrease the production of new coins, has sparked a new round of discussions among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Economist Peter Schiff added fuel to the controversy over Bitcoin’s suitability as a currency by voicing his concerns about escalating transaction costs and slow transfer speeds. But, critics in the … Read more

Cardano Foundation Debut PRAGMA to Drive Open-Source Project Development

The Cardano Foundation, along with Blink Labs, dcSpark, Sundae Labs, and TxPipe, have revealed the establishment of PRAGMA, an new, charitable organization aimed at advancing open-source blockchain software initiatives. Cardano Foundation and PRAGMA: Focus and Targets Renagh Moone, the Global Communications Director at PRAGMA, made an announcement in a post about the organization’s official launch. … Read more