Rare Anomaly Breaks Shiba Inu (SHIB) Key Whale Metric

An unexpected occurrence is taking place in the Shiba Inu (SHIB) community, leading to a major shift in one of its significant whale indicators. According to IntoTheBlock’s findings, there has been a striking rise in large transactions worth over $100,000 within the last 24 hours.

Although the number of transactions has significantly increased, there’s been a noticeable decrease in the amount transacted over the same time frame.

Based on the figures, there was a remarkable increase of 71.4% in large transactions, amounting to a total of 204 deals. Such a significant rise in business often indicates a strong and optimistic outlook among major investors.

Rare Anomaly Breaks Shiba Inu (SHIB) Key Whale Metric

On the other hand, there’s a significant discrepancy between the amounts of large transactions in Shiba Inu tokens. The number of these transactions dropped dramatically by 67.3%, going from 6.36 trillion SHIB to just 2.08 trillion SHIB.


The transaction volume decrease, expressed in US dollars, totaled to 63.63%, shrinking from $144.76 million to $52.64 million. Notably, this percentage seems smaller due to the significant price increase of the Shiba Inu token.

Rare Anomaly Breaks Shiba Inu (SHIB) Key Whale Metric

During the same day, the token’s price surged by more than 24% to hit a peak of $0.0000282, but then retreated to $0.0000262.

The mysterious behavior of this anomaly might make some members of the SHIB community ponder its origin. Is this unexplained development due to an error in the on-chain data processing or does it represent something new and uncharted within the Shiba Inu network? It’s worth investigating further.

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2024-04-21 18:06